Lease Return Center

What are My Lease-End Options?

Most drivers who visit our lease return center pursue one of the three following options

Start a New Lease

After returning a leased car, you can choose one of our new vehicles and drive it home. We’d be happy to talk you through leasing vs. buying.

Close Your Account

You’re under no obligation to take the next steps at our lease return center. If you’d prefer to explore other options, simply pay any remaining fees and let us know that you won’t be leasing a new vehicle!

Lease-end Buyout

A lease-end buyout is a great option if you love the vehicle you’ve been leasing and want to hold onto it for good! All you’ll need to do is apply for financing at our lease return center.

Necessary Preparations for Returning Your Leased Car

Preparing to return a leased car requires a little bit of work. However, those who take the necessary steps won't have to worry about any surprises when they visit our lease return center. Here's what you should take care of in advance:

Complete All Scheduled Maintenance

Hopefully, you’ve kept up with every item on your maintenance checklist. Failing to perform any necessary maintenance will cost you when the leased vehicle is returned.

Clean Your Vehicle

Remove any personal items from the interior and make sure to delete any personal data from your onboard computers. You’ll vacuum the interior and wipe down your windows; we’ll take care of the exterior.

Gather Your Key Fobs and Accessories

Any items that were delivered with the vehicle will need to be returned at the end of your lease. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

Schedule a Pre-Inspection

Although we’ll perform an inspection when you return the leased vehicle, scheduling a pre-inspection allows you to catch excess wear and tear before it results in additional charges.

When all of the necessary steps have been taken care of, just contact us to make your appointment! Let us know if you've been eyeing another vehicle for your next lease, too.

What is a Lease Buyout?

A lease buyout is the process of purchasing the vehicle that you've been leasing, but we can't fully answer the question, "What is a lease buyout," unless we dig into the differences between early and lease-end buyouts:

Lease-end Buyout

A lease-end buyout is the most common type of buyout. Generally speaking, you'll finance whatever remains of your vehicle's value at the end of your leasing term. While the buyout price may be written into your contract, negotiation is possible in some cases. If you're considering a lease buyout, do your research and make sure that the vehicle is worth every penny.

Early Lease Buyout

Early lease buyouts are a little more complicated. They may be expressly prohibited by your contract, and even in the best cases, you'll probably need to account for early termination fees. Still, an early lease buyout could help you avoid costly lease-end charges due to excess wear and tear, so you might save in the long run.

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